Bespoke Glasswork Designs and Manufacture

Here at the Glasswork and Manufacture website we delight in the beauty and skill of bespoke glass design, whether it is manufactured for the purpose of art or in fact has a more functional purpose, such as glasswork used for industrial or scientific applications.

Regardless of its purpose, the production of bespoke glass works requires a level of talent and technical ability that fills us with awe and admiration.

If you are interested in visiting a working glass production facility, would like to commission your own bespoke glass design, or simply would like to know more about the processes and technology involved in glass manufacture, drop us an email or give us a call.

We are always happy to discuss glasswork with you!

Leading Bespoke Glass Designs: Rooflights

EOS Rooflights who is one of the UK's leading suppliers of skylights. There are a range of different designs that you can choose from, including fixed, opening, roof lanterns and circular rooflights.

You can have sizes custom made for you or choose from the stock rooflights available. Prices depend on sizes, however you can purchase a standard stock fitted rooflight at £599. Find out more.

Welcome to the Glasswork and Manufacture website. The aim of this website is to be a portal for all forms of glasswork and glass manufacturing, from art glass such as stained glass windows and vase work, to glass manufacture for industrial and scientific applications.

Within our pages you can discover all about the glass making process, how glass work is repaired, where you can find art glass showcased, who supplies the various types of glasswork, and a number of glasswork and glass manufacture links and resources.
If there is any part of the glass manufacture process or any aspect of the glass work industries that we don’t cover and which you feel we should, or if you would just like to share your own glass work information or recommended suppliers/studios, please let us know. 

Just as flat glass is integral to the construction of most buildings and transport vehicles, and an important component for some appliances and furnishings, there are a dizzying range of more complex forms of glass work required for some extremely technical applications, such as for the scientific and industrial sectors, and these applications require glass to be made to extremely high tolerance levels. Equally glass made for artistic purposes will typically be a bespoke piece of glass work, hand crafted and unique. 

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